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Comment: I need help for my 20 year...

Lucille started this conversation

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I need help for my 20 year old daughter. She is such a good person; and really pretty. Her problem is her teeth. She was born with dental problems. I got some help from the government, but when I landed a decent job, they cut her dental work off. I was injured on the job and am scheduled for surgery. The point is, some of my daughters teeth never came in. And the teeth she has have almost no enamel on them. She needs dentures. It will cost about $2000.oo for this procedure. She works and takes college courses; what she can afford.

I pray every day that somehow, someway she will get help with her teeth.  She has been harassed and made fun of by kids at school, but she keeps her head up and makes the best of her life. 

If anyone out there has the sources to help this young lady, please think about my daughter.  This is for real; not an excuse to get something for nothing.  Thank you for listening.

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Cassie Minor

Please visit my blog for information on how to get help. There are many resources available, it just takes some doing.

Be encouraged. Your daughter can get the help she needs.

Cassie Minor, RDH

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I've been in a similar situation myself for some time now. If there are any colleges or universities in the area that offer dental degrees, look into whether or not they offer free or low cost basic work, as many do. There is another long-shot you can attempt as I have for a few years now, if youre willing to take the trade-off. Certain television talk shows offer reconstructive services to selected participants, but it is difficult to get selected, apparently. I have been so desperate that I've nearly bombarded them with requests to be on such an episode with no luck so far. Best of luck and wishes to you and your family. Knowing first-hand how difficult it is having dental problems you can't afford to fix, I truly hope you are able to find assistance.

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There are no free dental clinics in this area.

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I am just a student from another country and live in LA. So I don't know what information might help you and I guess you might already know... Are there something free dental in your area??? If you can show them that you cannot pay. then you can use free hospital. I am not citizen but I can use these hospital when I need. Otherwise I guess they will give you other options too, when it's not easy thing. Or I know one person who might know these infomations. I am sorry for my poor english.

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